Hanging wallpaper sounds like one of those easy DIY jobs, but it’s not. There are several factors to consider such as the conditions of your wall, the wallpaper material, adhesive properties, weather conditions such as temperature and humidity and the type of wall. So, hiring a pro for wallpaper installation is often the best choice.

Some of the challenges of working with wallpaper include blistering, poor fit around windows or doors and pinching or folding around corners. It’s also common to find wallpaper installations that do not cover wall to wall or wall to ceiling.

Selecting the wrong material and wrong colour is yet another mistake that most people make. For instance, an absorbent material in the bathroom could lead to sogginess. All these mistakes usually result from homeowners installing their own wallpaper or from using installers who are not qualified.

The great thing about using wallpaper is that it’s a great time saver. You might want to update your walls but don’t have time or patience to wait for paint to dry. If the smell of paint irritates you, then wallpaper might be the best option for finishing your walls. All these reasons should compel you to hire a wallpapering professional.