Painting is an economical way to give a room a fresh look. There are countless different colours to choose from which can each create a unique atmosphere.

When it comes to interior painting, water and latex paints are the two most common types of paints used for walls. Choosing the right one will depend on the finish you want and what you’ll use the room for. Interior paint should resist stains and be easy to clean, hide imperfections and touch up easily. Paint is also formulated to suit different types of surfaces. Selecting the right one will give a quality finish that lasts. Here are some of the most common surfaces and paints used for them:

Ceilings: Use special paint for ceilings to prevent yellowing.

Woodwork: When choosing paint for your woodwork, use wood Latex or oil-based paints. For an easy to clean finish, go with semi-gloss or if there is modest wear and tear a satin finish will touch it up nicely.

Metal: When painting metal, latex paint is applied directly to the surface. If using oil/alkyd paints, your painter should prime the metal beforehand.

Concrete and Brick: When painting concrete or brick, select a latex paint designed for masonry surfaces.

Floors: Floors need to stand up to heavy traffic. So, it is important to use paint that will withstand abrasion and regular cleaning.

Before buying a large quantity of paint, you should get small samples to test out on your walls. It’s possible to buy paint and find that it’s not right for your surface or it’s not the right colour.

We will use a wide variety of tools to complete our painting jobs. Some include drop cloths, mask tape, paint rollers, and paint brushes.  Rest assured that we will use high-quality painting supplies for your project. If you would prefer us to use environmentally friendly products, just let us know!